Greater Houston Youth Lacrosse Association

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GHYLA Board Meeting




Location: The Houstonian Club Board room

Scheduled time: 6-8pm


Call to order: 6:02pm



Atascocita – Kellie Stoddard, GHYLA 2U Rep

Baytown – not present

Cy-Fair – Shelley Boyle, Ironmen President and GHYLA Coordinator

Fort Bend – Ed Torriero, Program Director, David Hills – GHYLA 6U Rep

Frank Black – not present/or did not sign in

FYLAX – Stephanie Gides

Katy – Jeanine Williams

Kingwood – Not present

Klein – Chad Johnson, Youth AD, GHYLA President

Langham Creek – Colin Speer, President, GHYLA Treasurer

Magnolia – GL Van Dyne, Youth President, GHYLA 8U Rep

Pearland – Chad Points, President

Pershing – Chris Behan, AD

Pin Oak – not present

Richmond – not/present or did not sign in

Roberson – Ernest Webb, Head Coach

SBMSA – Brit Chapman, President, EJ Neese, Program Director

TBAL – not present/or did not sign in

The Woodlands – not present

West Houston – not present

TXLOA – Tim Bohdan, President

US Lacrosse – Tim LaBelle, Southwest Reg Manager

US Lacrosse – Mike Cather, VP



Colin Speer - Treasurer

  • Financial update from Colin, Chad followed up with asking clubs to think about how we want to subsidize, 7U playoffs and D2 and 4U


Chad Johnson - President

  • Update on 6U and 8U Playoffs on 4/28 from Chad and All-Stars (add in specifics)

  • introduced Conference recommendations and D1 and D2 Reclassification

  • 4U Tournament in Magnolia, all 4U teams included

  • No end-of-season for 2U needed

  • D2 tournament, standings and rankings will be used

  • Looking for a club to host 7U playoffs – preferably turf fields, if we can do it.  David and Ed will work on things on their end, we would also like to see if John will be willing to host 7U on his turf fields.  As of right now, we only have 7 teams total. 

  • Waiver Language Recommendation passed out.  All clubs to read over and share feedback/ changes in the next two weeks.  We will draft agreed upon language and vote on the Final Waiver Language by 11/23.


Shelley Boyle  - Coordinator

  • Proposal roll-out on 2 v 3 Geographic Conference alignment and EC recommendation of 2 Conference Alignment – North and South

  • Further discussed reclassification to D1 and D2 Divisions, along with

  • Rolled out new website, please send all feedback and any changes/additions to Shelley

  • Arbiter Integration with Parent site and down to Club “child” sites. 

  • All games will be imported through csv excel into GHYLA Parent system, which will sync with Arbiter and flow down to Club Child Sites. For teams not on League Athletics Webhost sites, process will still be the same, but unfortunately won’t feed down to your site.  Scores will be securely entered by coaches for their specific teams, on the GHYLA Parent Site. Child sites can enter scores on their own sites and it will flow up.  You can do it either way.  Not mentioned last night, but just to reiterate from our 9/21 meeting – on procedures - Grade VP reps will check all scores for accuracy from the score card pictures they receive from Home Team Head Coaches, immediately after the game. 

  • Shelley to scrub the website for corrections

  • Clubs need to send additional content for their own pages to Shelley

  • Shelley to follow-up on Arbiter/League Athletics and if we can get a League Athletics view for game officials – Thanks Ed. Good catch!

  • 12/1 TXLOA New Official mock tournament Training Day – We need some club teams to participate at the 8U, 6U and 4U levels.  This is NOT formal.  We just need some makeshift teams, (right number of kids on the field – can be from multiple team) and COACHES.  Just ANY teams to help us simulate some quick 20-minute games, so our referees can be trained.  Shelley will be reaching out to each Club. 

  • Scheduling – Looking to get North and South Clubs with Multi-Fields to host at least one or two club days, with multiple teams invited and costs split between teams


David Hills – 6U VP Rep

  • Taking last pass over the rule modifications, now that we have D1 and D2 Divisions


Tim Bohdan – President, TXLOA

  • Update on Officiating Fees.  $71/game, tournament rate stays at $55. 


Tim LaBelle – Regional Manager, US Lacrosse

  • US Lacrosse Presentation on Impact Report

  • Reach out to Tim, as he can help us grow our own clubs and assist with soft stick programs in our ISD’s. 

  • We will have Tim’s pamphlets on hand at our 12/11 meeting for those that


Votes – All Passed

  • North and South two Conference Alignment

  • D1 and D2 Reclassification (standings for both D1 and D2 Divisions)

  • D1 Playoffs: 8 team playoffs (4 from each division)

  • D2 Tournament – NOTE: D2 teams will have their own rankings, just as D1 teams.The end-of-season tournament/playoff details are a work in progress, to be determined by 12/11 Scheduling meeting.

  • 4U Tournament – Magnolia has offered to host the tournament


Action Items

  • Get rough teams together for 12/1 Officials Training Tournament – small 20-minute game simulations with real-time on-field and side-line training for new TXLOA officials. 30 New Commits as of 10/23.We need 8U, 6U and 4U teams.Again, this is NOT formal.The only thing TXLOA is asking is for drinks to be provided for their officials. Please contact Shelley with the quick teams you can assemble. Thank you!

  • Waiver Language feedback/changes submissions due in two weeks for a Final Board vote by 11/23

  • Club Boundaries - let’s make sure all Zip Codes fall into place and shared zip codes or mis-categorized zip codes are corrected and agreed to by all clubs for this coming season. Final Board Vote on 2019 Boundaries at 12/11 Meeting, or sooner, if Board agrees to sooner time-frame and can get agreed upon boundaries submitted.

  • Submit any Bylaws/Amendments, Rules and Regulations changes you would like to see.  The EC will consider and present all submissions, with our recommendations, to the Board for a Final Vote at our 12/11 meeting

  • Address more accurate Full Budget once we see true team breakout in January and make determinations on how and if we subsidize new D2 Division and 4U tournaments

  • 7U Playoff host – Turf would be good. Keeping costs low is the higher goal. HYLAX has offered to host, and possibly Fort Bend as well.

  • D2 Tournament - Cy-Fair will be happy to host D2, as we have the last three years for NPE, but equally happy to co-host with another club, if we want to do D2 on less expensive (We are $60/hour) or turf fields.



Agenda Topics for 12/11 Scheduling meeting

  • Scheduling

  • Revisit the 10/23 Meeting Action Items and progress made

  • Vote on agreed upon Club Boundaries for 2019, (If not voted on previously, via Email)

  • Bylaws/Amendments, and Rules and Regulations Proposal changes

  • Level 1 Certification Non-Compliance

  • Requirements for RFPs for any hosted GHYLA Events

  • Treasury Policies and Procedures

  • Playoff location hosts for 7U, D2 and 4U Playoffs and Tournaments

  • Pinnies for D1 6U, 7U and 8U All-Stars Games

  • Any other additional agenda topics members of the Board would like to discuss   


Meeting Adjourned: 8:06pm