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About Iron Horse Lacrosse Houston



Iron Horse Houston, beginning in January 2019, will boast the BEST coaching roster in all of Houston.  Coaches will include, but not limited to, Jeremy Platt, Kingwood DI Head Coach, Ireland Men's Senior National Team Associate Head Coach; Keith Tintle, Woodlands DI Head Coach, 2018 DI State Champions; Michael Centra, Kinkaid DI Head Coach; David Cohn, St. John's School DI Head Coach; Peter Marin, Houston Christian DI Head Coach, Al Christopher, Woodlands DI Assistant Coach, and others.

Our Coaching staff will use its vast college coaching network, along with the even larger coaching network within the Iron Horse Family, to have our players gain recognition and interest at the highest level nationwide.

Iron Horse Houston will offer the best player and team training and travel team experience without question.  We focus on Nationwide travel and WILL NOT compete at in-state events with any of our teams.  We will offer our teams the chance to test themselves against the best in the nation, while learning how to play the game "the right way" not "just the winning way".  


Challenge yourself. Bring your game to the next level. Join Iron Horse Houston.

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Coach Jeremy Platt