Greater Houston Youth Lacrosse Association

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GHYLA End-of-Year Board Meeting

June 21, 2018




GL Van Dyne – Magnolia

Ed Torriero – Fort Bend

Kellie Stoddard – Atascocita

Chad Johnson – Klein

Todd Molyneux – Richmond

Brit Chapman – SBMSA

John O’Rourke – Woodlands

Chad Muir – HYLAX

Brad Dean – Ironmen

Shelley Boyle – Ironmen

Theresa Borman – FYLAX

Deanna Reitman – Fort Bend (Coordinator)

Glenn Reitman – Fort Bend (President)

Colin Speer – Lobos

Kevin McConnell – BAYLAX

Scott Jackson – Pearland


Called to order at 6:46pm by Glenn Reitman

Roberts Rules of Order dictated session.

Called roll (13 programs in attendance); reached quorum


Welcomed Atascocita


Provisional membership is over for Atascocita and Roberson.


State of Budget


Deanna Reitman shared that the Treasurer resigned half-way through season.  He didn’t have budget to share.  When Deanna took on interim Treasurer role, the GHYLA started with $110 in bank.

She suggested that we keep dues the same as the 2017-2018 dues: $85 NPE teams and $165 for PE Eligible teams.

Deanna also suggested that the budget should be $5,500 in case we need to rent fields for playoffs.  Currently, we have $2500 in bank.

We haven’t filed tax returns in 3 years. Accountant has been contacted with a fee of $500.  We have not paid for accountant yet, so we will begin next season with $2000 in the GHYLA bank account. 


Next Year’s Budget


Proposed keeping dues at same level as last year.  EC will need to vote on this at beginning of season.


Officials Fee Increase


EC feels all GHYLA members should know.  EC sent response to Mike Alsobrooks about being unhappy with the referees.

Officials’ price is based on football, not lax. In order to get anyone to officiate, we have to compete with football. 

Suggested that all programs send a letter to Mike Alsobrooks.


Concussion Protocol:

Discuss education for GHYLA Board and referees.  This issue came about because of a mother concerning her son. Glenn had discussion with her and asked her for her recommendations.


At a minimum we should have a statement about it from the GHYLA.  USL website has a comprehensive section on their website about concussions.




1. GHYLA create document that board and referees read and sign it.

2. Site Administrators meet with the referees to go over protocol.

3. Referees should have certification through their organization.


The question was raised if we want to vote on it for adding it to by-laws.


Suggested actions


Motion by BAYLAX and seconded by Cy-Fair that GHYLA Board make inquiry on certification program for referees.

Some questions to answer:

Ask the referees what the training program will be.

How can we augment? Can we help with education?

Details about price, training program, what we can do to help, certifications


Vote: Unanimous motion carries




Ballots were distributed by Glenn.

Each organization voted, folded ballot in half, and Kay tallied votes with accuracy check from Glenn.

Opposing nominees made comments for President and Treasurer positions.

Because we did not have anyone running for VP 2nd Grade, Kellie Stoddard volunteered.


The election results follow:

President – Chad Johnson (Klein)

VP 8th – GL Van Dyne (Magnolia)

VP 6th – David Hills (Fort Bend)

VP 4th – John O’Rourke (Woodlands)

VP 2nd – Kellie Stoddard (Atascocita)

Treasurer – Colin Speer (Lobos)

Secretary – Kay Amendola (Pin Oak)

US Lacrosse Representative – Todd Molyneux (Richmond)

GHYLA Coordinator -  Shelley Boyle (Cy Fair)


President and Treasurer will take care of business issues by getting bank account information passed over.  Amegy is GHYLA account.  Hopefully, next Thursday or Friday. (June 28 or 29)


Meeting concluded at 8:05.