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About Team 91 Texas

Team 91 Texas started as LI-Tex Elite lacrosse (Long Island “LI” instruction in Houston, Texas “TX”) in the summer of 2012. Over the years, while searching for more efficient methods to bring the best quality of lacrosse coaching to the lacrosse players of Texas, LI-TEX Elite had under gone many changes, such as name changes (e.g. Sienna Panthers Lacrosse, Claws), information technology improvements, practice planning improvements, etc. More importantly, the level of lacrosse training improved each year. In the summer of 2015 when Team 91 Texas, under the name of the Claws, took 16 fifth and sixth graders to New York to compete in summer tournaments. These 16 Texas lacrosse players made a huge impression on the New York select lacrosse community and after their summer performance the Claws was approached by multiple national select lacrosse programs to join forces. When Team 91 Lacrosse and the board of the Claws met to create Team 91 Texas, the excitement in the room was electrifying. They knew that together they could bring the best level, and most current, select lacrosse training to all the players of Texas. From 2012 to today, the goal of Team 91 Lacrosse has remained the same – bring the best youth lacrosse players of Texas together onto select lacrosse teams and travel to both fall and summer tournaments in order to network and gain exposure for its players.


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