Greater Houston Youth Lacrosse Association

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GHYLA Meeting Minutes September 20, 2018   

Chad Johnson, Klein Kay Amendola, Pin Oak Middle School Shelley Boyle, Iron Men Kellie Stoddard, Atascocita Mike Cutherell, Katy Chris May, TBAL Todd Molyneux, Richmond John O’Rourke, Woodlands Austin Hughes, Baytown Stingrays Mark David Sherron, Baytown Stingrays Jeremy Platt, Kingwood David Hills, Panthers Ed Torriero, Panthers Ernest Webb, Roberson Middle School Carrie McDonald, FYLAX Stephanie Gides, FYLAX Chad Points, Pearland EJ Neese, SBMSA Brit Chapman,SBMSA Kiernan Limming, SBMSA Ray Self, Richmond GL Van Dyne, Magnolia Colin Speer, Langham Creek Chad Muir, HYLAX
 Called to order by Chad Johnson at 6:02
 BUDGET – Colin Speer
The GHYLA defines the budget by calendar year. We are combining last year’s budget with this year for a period of Jan 2017 – December 2018. We finished last year with $4500 in bank. We are in good standing with IRS now after submitting 2017 taxes.
 Budgeting  Based on historical information, the GHYLA receives around $10,000 per year for dues.
We still need to decide 2019 Season dues based on number of playoff eligible teams and proposed referee increases. The SWLOA is determining an increase of $10 - $15 per game per referee.   Outstanding Questions
 There are two outstanding invoices: 1. All-Star pinnies for Jeremy Platt - $1630 2. Sienna Plantation Fields for 13 playoff and all-star games
Jeremy Platt has currently not been paid $1630 for the invoice for All-Star pinnies. There was a question if it should have already been paid.    A $3500 check was cut for Panthers to pay for the All-Star and Playoff games.  Field costs were only $390. Upon research for tax purposes, it was found that the field costs were not paid to SPLID. There was a proposal to have Ft. Bend Panthers pay GHYLA the excess amount.   Another question arose about the $540 invoice for balls.  These were charged for all All-Star and Playoff games.  Some felt that this was too many balls for the championship games and questioned the amount and why the GHYLA was charged.    ACTION ITEM:  Ed Torriero took ownership to take this back to discuss with his organization.  He will work with Colin Speers about both of the issues. 
 The EC formed a Subcommittee to help model US Lax Youth Rules vs THSLL and NCAA to accomplish the following: 1. Standardize rules across the board 2. Simplify the rules for youth  
The Subcommittee used the US Lacrosse 2018 Rules; the 2019 rule book is not yet released.
 Proposed Rule Changes:
 2U has the most changes: small-sided games 5 X 5, no refereeing, no visible scoring, smaller goal, no goalie, each team will be responsible for own smaller goals for these teams, softer balls, same size as speed lax, 60x35 field, no referee fees needed, no face-offs, except to start game and 2nd half  

 3/4U  same as past, face off on GLE, proposal to put in 15-yard restraining line in front of goal, scrum situation rule: officials count to 4 and reward it as an alternate, PE teams will not have this 4-count rule, NPE teams will have 7 count, proposed that we keep visible scores for PE teams   5/6U – similar to past, no scrum rule, may have sub on the fly   7/8U – no major modifications, goalies have no penalties, no shot clock like college
Question about clock: are we doing running clock or stopping the clock? 
Question about referees:  one of the big problems is the questions about rules and refs not knowing what rules we use; we need to freeze the GHYLA rules at a period of time and send them to the SWLOA.
 PROPOSAL:  Send changes to clubs and have on-line vote at a later date. Will need 2018 set of rules with you. 
 ACTION ITEM:  Clubs will compare 2018 rules with proposed 2019 rule changes and submit a vote via email to Kay Amendola no later than 5:00pm on September 30, 2018. 
 NOTE:  You will need a copy of the US Lacrosse 2018 rules AND the proposed changes.  Please contact Kay Amendola if you need more information.
 The GHYLA voted to have all coaches complete their US Lacrosse Level 1 Coaching Certification, including the onfield portion by January 1, 2020.
All coaches are required to complete the webinar portion of the certification prior to the roster filing date for the 2019 season.  This date is yet to be determined.
US Lacrosse will host on-field clinics on the following date:
Dates and Times:   November 3, 9:00am – 12:00pm – Level 1 (geared to teaching how to coach kids with Positive Coaching Alliance) November 4, 10:00am – 5:00pm – Level 2
Location:  Missouri City Community Center Address:  1522 Missouri City Dr, Missouri City, TX 77489
Recommendation: Coaches complete webinar prior to on-field clinic.
 US Lacrosse will have another on-field certification opportunity in Dallas on December 8, 2018.
 Question: What if someone does not comply? What is the consequence?  Proposal: forfeiture of games
 Concerns: $50 payment will; webinar is the only thing required this year.  It is free. Organizations can budget the extra $50 for the following year.  If you are going to interact with referees, you need to do this.
Level 1 – GHYLA Requirement (online by roster date & field by January 1, 2020) Level 2 – Organizational Requirement
 Shelley Boyle presented a plan to have 2 conferences: North and South. These were based on I-10 being the dividing line.
 Concerns: the number of PE games that each organization will have to play, given the number of weekends available to play games.
 THSLL invited the GHYLA to play the 6U and 8U Playoff Games at Rice Stadium on April 28 prior to the high school Playoffs.  They also invited us to play the All-Star Games before the high school All-Star Games on May 19. The location is TBD; historically it has been at Emery Weiner.
 Proposed Structure: 4 teams from each division (North and South) Saturday games Sunday Championship games
 Motion: Playoff Structure needs some thought for structure. Motion: Conference Alignment is tied to it, so it also needs to have more research.
 ACTION ITEM: Form subcommittee of Division VPs for Playoff Structure. They will get input from each organization about playoff structure and league alignment. They will report back with a proposal by next GHYLA meeting on October 23.
 The GHYLA voted to implement the following process to ensure complete transparency for organizations and parents by using the GHYLA website:
1. Coaches will take photo of scorecards. 2. Home Team will enter scores. 3. Division VPs will check the score cards for accuracy. 
 Arbiter has integrated with League Athletics. Shelley Boyle is working with them to understand how organizations using League Athletics can sync their schedules to Arbiter to reduce time for data input.
 Date:  October 23, 2018  Time:  6:00-8:00pm Location:  The Houstonian
Proposed Agenda Items: 1. Waivers  - decide if we want to reinstate waivers requiring a unanimous EC vote 2. Boundaries  3. Non-compliance with Level 1 Coaching Certification   SCHEDULING MEETING
 Date:  December 11 Time:  6:00-8:00pm Location:  The Houstonian